Live Action Cams

If a picture is worth a thousand words then can you imagine what a video would be worth?

Lets think about that for a moment.  Imagine your riding along on a jet ski (your first time on one at that) and you have the time of your life. Ripping up the waves, driving fast, wind in your hair and a big huge smile on your face. Now imagine it was all caught on film and you were able to share it with all your family and friends.

That is what capturing vacation memories is all about!!

Now imagine the possibilities if your business was any of the following:
Jet Ski Rentals
Waverunners Rentals
Dolphin Cruises
Surfing Competitions
Helicopter Tours


Put  a camera on the jet ski and record your customers having the time of their life. Put that video on a CD and sell them their memories. Not only are you able to sell them the video what if you could use that as advertising on your Facebook Fan page, tweet about it on Twitter and post the video to YouTube.

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